Thursday, 24 January 2019

Let Go - What Does It Really Mean?

Letting Go So You Can Be Who You Came Here To BE:

So, letting go! This is purely the definition as I understand it in this moment in time. 

It has taken me a long time to be able to understand how to 'let go' and what it really even means. It's a term we hear banded about all over the place and considering the education branch of my business is called Let Go & Sell Art, it's about time I got this straight in my own mind! Ha! 
For me though, 'Letting Go' has been a movable feast, letting go without really letting go, and a gradual process. I'm a hanger-on-er, an over thinker, a what-iff-er!

What has just hit me, however, is this statement: I LOVE to write! And bare with me, there is a link.

I didn't always, and it hasn't always flown so easily. I have this blog to thank for the fact that writing has become an important part of my job and my practice as an artist. Just as important as drawing. 

You see, the thing is that I never thought I could write (see this previous post). I had told myself I couldn't and that I wasn't very good at it. Sometimes what we actually need to do is LET GO of the resistance we are putting in the way to fulfilling our potential.

Now, it’s very easy for someone to say  ‘let it go,’ but often we hold onto objects, feelings, relationships and situations through fear. 

What if we let go and it all falls apart, or we are discovered?

I have recently come to understand ‘let go’ as actually letting go of any attachment to a specific outcome. 

The only control we have is to imagine what we want to achieve, and then take inspired action to make it happen. 

Now for the part which requires an open mind: Universe and spirit will create thousands of ways to make our desired outcome come towards us. In order to get your head around this concept you must be open minded and let go of a desire to control and mould outcomes. 

If you set out the intention, for example, that you want to become an illustrator; you must then go on an adventure and look for the signs and the opportunities that start to spring into place. And they will. 

This is when your ego will likely jump in and tell you that you cannot do it. 

It will think of a million ways to stop you because it wants to keep you safe. 

This is the battle. 

Letting go of the control.  Listening to your ego but not being controlled by it but also, not forcing your outcome of BEING an illustrator right now

You are one already, and you will become one. You are enough right now in the hear and now. Just as you are. Let go of what you think it will afford you, of the attention that you will receive as a result. Just love what you do and find the joy in it everyday. 

Is it something you would do everyday, all day and not even get paid for? If it is then that is what you should be doing (but, just because you would do it for free doesn’t mean that you should). 
If not, then be honest with yourself about what your true passions are.

Let go, and watch it flow.

No idea, or thought or desire is too big, or too stupid. There is always someone out there who needs to hear what you have to say or to see what you have created. You will feel it in your core, your stomach, solar plexus and chest if it is a delicious idea and you will move mountains to get your thoughts out into the world. 

You are here to enrich us with your expression and creativity.

If you would like help with this there are a number of places you can access to get help through my courses and mentoring. Visit my facebook page Let Go & Sell Art and my closed group Born Makers where I encourage you to reconnect with your creative calling. 

I'm currently building my online school platform where I will be teaching what I have learned over the last 10 years - which is when I started this very blog! - so stay tuned for that.

Lots of love 

Fi x

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