Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Doodles With Daddy #1

Doodles With Daddy...#1

So, officially, in our household I'm the artist. But hang on a minute, how dare I covet that title! My other half has over 20 years experience in print, graphics editing and retouching. Granted, he doesn't tend to draw anymore but that's not to say he can't or never did.
For a lot of people drawing is something they used to do as children, reserved for a place in the past. Who has time to draw (unless you're lucky and it's your job) with the busy constraints of life today?
Our 5 year old daughter gets a lot of enjoyment out of drawing and over the last few months i have seen that this drive in her has rekindled my partner's passion for doodling.

It's joyful to watch the two of them giggling away over funny faces, or a particular challenge that Daddy has set. Perhaps as a professional artist I am in some ways less spontaneous when it comes to picking something to draw, a bit more safe! Paul's choices are inspired...pantomime baddies, fruit with funny faces and my favourite...zombies!

by Charlotte and her dad!

Scary subject matter is not out of bounds and quite rightly. It  is somehow made more comical and less worrying for a little one who might be wondering what's lurking under the bed at bed times. If she's worried what better way to confront the fear than by drawing a funny picture of it?

by Charlotte, age 5

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Brrrr! Inspired by hats!

Pardon the pun but I take my hat off to all those parents who are able to get their children to wear  a hat to school! My little girl won't wear hers at the moment. This morning was one of those lovely crisp winter mornings but boy was it on the chilly side.

Inspired by all the wonderful winter knit wear I saw at this morning's drop off I have created a quick sketch.

Enjoy x