Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spring Is Here! #BEDM

My favourite thing about spring…

Well, spring has certainly made an appearance today and what a wonderful day it has been. Spring is my number one season! What I love about it is its optimism. There is a promise that the days are getting longer; flowers are appearing and people are immerging from hibernation.  Blossom is one of my favourite things, and also the fact that my birthday in spring makes me rate spring particularly highly.

Whilst on the topic of birthdays I have to mention that my Grandma is 98 tomorrow, here she is, sunning herself in my parent’s garden on a visit last year. I think it may technically be a summer photo but I couldn’t find one that had my Grandma and cherry blossom on! Anyway, she is amazing.
My second favourite thing about spring is County Cricket. I haven't got a clue what is happening but I love watching and listening to the game ticking away. Maybe one day I'll join a ladies' team, although Rounders is much more up my street!
My sister Lu is also taking part in the BEDM challenge and you can read her posts at our Fi&Me page.
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Tania Scott said...

Spring and sunny days just make us happier, don't they? Lovely pic, happy birthday to your grandma :)

Tania x

Lisa-Marie said...

In the office at work, we were talking about how much better the mood and general feeling is when it's sunny. It makes such a difference!