Friday, 10 May 2013

Project Cherrywell (Bank Holiday) BEDM #6

Blue skies over the UK!
Last Monday was one of the most memorable Bank Holidays I have had for a while. I took my daughter to Mayday in The Meadow, a wonderful event near the town that I live in. Attractions included traditional Maypole dancing, worm charming, a huge bubble machine, pancake stall and to top it off the weather was unusually hot. Here in the North West of England we are used to the odd cloudy, rainy day to say the least!
Yum yum!
I am involved with a local community organisation called Project Cherrywell, consisting of 6 ladies who call ourselves the Cherrywell Cherries! We tend to meet on Thursdays with a wonderful community organiser called Laura, who is highly motivated, supportive and positive and together we plan events to raise money to refurbish a community space with the intention to turn it into a vibrant community café.

On Monday we ran the pancake stall and held consultations with the attending public in order to gage and idea of what people feel is needed in their community.  

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Community Organiser Laura interviewing the public.

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