Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day in The Life #BEDM 3

Well, today's blog should have been yesterday's but my day was jam packed (it mostly involved making chocolate brownies. From a packet I may add!) and was nicely topped off with an evening wedding reception so I'll do two blog entries today instead...BEDM 4 to follow a bit later!

A usual Friday morning involves me getting my little girl over to pre-school for the morning and I have 3 hours to get 'stuff ' done! Now, 'stuff ' can involve a number of things. It should involve me knuckling down and getting on with art work, designs or the next stage of business planning for fi&me but invariably there is a MASSIVE piles of laundry or washing up to do. If I ignore it, it calls to me, it taunts me until I crumble!

I wonder how many of us fight this battle? How do you manage your time?

In an ideal world I would have a studio space in an alternative location. I have toyed with the idea of a shed but it gets pretty cold here in the winter. Something to mull over though, and for now, I'm very happy with my room and count myself very lucky to actually have a separate space to work in.

On a sensible day I ignore the chores, shut the door and head up into my tiny little drawing space.

Any parents or carers out there will know just how much you can get done even in just one hour!

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