Friday, 8 March 2013

Hand Sewn Illustrations now available!


It has been ages since I posted on my little blog. Roll on Spring time is what I say! I can feel myself slowly coming out of  creative hybernation.

In the run up to Christmas and planning the stock I would concentrate on making, I found myself inspired to do some applique, and created lots of little one-off pieces with a focus on babushka characters. These proved very popular at the various fairs we attended as Fi & Me, especially at the Altrincham Twilight and at Stockport CP market which proved to be our all time favourite fairs (despite the chilly temperatures!) and I have a few left.

These whimsical designs are suitable for a variety of ages and the frames I use a plastic, which would be ideal for a child's bedroom.

They are available on etsy in my little fionaillustrates store, where I will be stocking original illustrations, prints and these appliques.