Sunday, 19 August 2012

City Wenlock - London Olympic Memorabilia

For a couple of weeks earlier on in the year all I could see were pinstripes floating in front of my eyes, I was even dreaming about them and here's why!

City Wenlock is one of two mascots I was commissioned to paint earlier this year. What an honour to be awarded the opportunity to contribute artistically to the Olympic and Paralympic Games! Details of the project are here and if you live in London or happen to be visiting soon you can go on the Mascot Hunt! Follow the link below for more details:

City Wenlock is being signed by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and it is currently being auctioned off for charity.

London Olympic memorabilia

You can read more here about the Mascot auction by following this link:

Stephen Fry tweeted about is favourite mascots and some have been photographed with Dizzee Rascal and Rebecca Adlington Members of the public people have been queueing to have their pictures taken next to them, sometimes up to ten deep.

This Wenlock was created for Stroll Discovery Trails, an event produced by Wild in Art for the Mayor of London's 'A Summer Like No Other'  festival. The Stroll Discovery Trails event features over 80 sculptures of Wenlock, the official Olympic mascot and Mandeville, the official Paralympic mascot - on display around London during the summer.


Gay McKinnon said...

This is fantastic work Fiona - what an honour, so many people must have enjoyed seeing it. I guess you must miss the Olympics now it's over! 14

Fiona Meakin Illustrations said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Gay, yes really was such an honour! I do miss the Olympics but brilliant that the Paralympics are now on instead! I have also designed and painted another of the Paralympic mascots and will post soon so you can see it x