Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012 Entry

Here is my entry for this year's Sketchbook Project, I completed this little story back in October after choosing the title 'I Remember You.' You should be able to see it very soon at Arthouse Co-op but I don't think it has been digitized yet. The sketchbooks are on the move throughout the USA and will be coming over to London later in the year!

I approached this as a story board having had an idea a few years ago so the sketchbook has a definite narrative which is very different from the sketchbook I have just completed for Sketchbook Project, Limited Edition.





Story and illustrations by Fiona Meakin, copyright 2012. All rights reserved


Suki said...

It's beautiful! It also makes me want to cry a little.

I must check out your Limited Edition book. Are you signing up for 2013 too?

Cathy said...

Beautiful in every way