Friday, 27 January 2012

Sketchbook Project Update

I'm getting very close to finishing my sketchbook now, well, I have finished inside...I just have the outside to decorate - which isn't actually a necessity - I am just being a perfectionist and won't feel like it is complete until I have done it!!

This project has been really good for me, in terms of discipline. It is challenging to work to a time limit, but without one work would float on and on and on.....(!)

My sister Jenny knows this only too well as we are collaborating on a children's book which I am illustrating. It is far too easy to keep pushing the deadline to another date (sorry Jen!). It's nearly ready though so keep your eyes peeled. We are both extremely excited about its arrival! It's like expecting a baby!

Above are the 'underneath' images from my sketchbook. I am fascinated by these 'accidents' because in some ways they can be even more interesting than the original illustrations, and for that reason I have made no attempt to hide them by re-binding the book or sticking pages together (with one exception). I think they tie in well with the title 'I Remember You,' because they, in themselves are like the memories of the illustration above it.

I'm excited to see it all finished!

For more information by clicking here on Sketchbook Project  xx

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