Sunday, 2 October 2011

Random Jam and Grumpy Monkeys

Could this be the grumpiest monkey ever?! I designed and made him last year but just found this picture again. Grumpy things make me chuckle. I think I'm going to make some more, and have recently been to a crochet workshop so I am going to make little monkey scalves for the winter too!
Feel free to email me at if you would like one.

This is quite random, and not linked to monkeys but I have had an idea for an 'Illustrated Jam' project...I made some jam for the first time ever last week with damsons which our neighbour grows. Damson is particularly high in pectin so it wasn't hard to succeed because i didn't need to measure out any to add, it's simply water, sugar and fruit. Mint. N.B. don't put mint in!

The previous night I had watched Jules Holland with Emeli Sande performing Heaven. If you haven't heard it, it's beautiful...especially the acoustic version. Whilst making the jam I was singing it...I felt a bit like a happier version of the lady in 'Like Water For Chocolate,' so in some way my jam is infused with the lyrics and music of Emeli Sande and I am going to illustrate the labels for my jam accordingly. Plus this jam jar shop looks pretty cool to buy all the bits from!
Check back soon for the results.

This got me onto googling 'illustrated jam' to see if this is a common practice or just me being strange, and I found this wonderful blog from Jam Grantham, York based illustrator. I just love his style and humour. Very worth checking out...

I love how things link randomly together sometimes.

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Design for monkey by fiona meakin, copyright 2010


VK said...

Love the idea of illustrated jam Fifi!

Fiona Meakin Illustrations said...

Yay! Make some and illustrate it - or do an iphone one!