Thursday, 8 September 2011

Exciting News!!! Oasis Cafe Exhibition

Above: Charlotte Jester, 2011

I had an exciting day yesterday! Many many thanks to my sister Jen who made it possible for me to drop off some work whilst she looked after my little girl! Thanks Jenny - you're a star!!

Over the next few months I will be exhibiting 5 framed prints in the Oasis Cafe at Stepping Hill hospital, Stockport.

On my way there yesterday afternoon, I slipped on a grid outside A&E! (which could have come in useful but luckily wasn't needed!)

With my jeans slightly torn and my ego slightly bruised, I finally managed to get to the cafe and handed in my illustrations and cards. They will be up soon and available to buy!

Over the last few months in preparation for the Fi&Me launch myself and my business partner (and sister Lu) have been reading books/blogs on starting a business. One tip from the wonderfully inspirational girls who run Red Velvet is to celebrate successes by treating yourself, so I went and bought a gorgeous winter woolly as a present to myself for my first little show (it made me feel better about falling over too!)

Here's to the first of many! (shows...not falls!!)

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