Friday, 27 May 2011

'Asleep' Illustration Friday Topic

Fox In The Snow, 2011 (Pen and Ink)
Zeta, 2011 (Pen and Ink)

I often sketch my beautiful cat Zeta, which is in a different style from my prefered 'children's book' style. But it definitely informed my 'Fox In The Snow' illustration. Also inspired by the Belle and Sebastian song.

I think it is important to try and draw, from life, using different mediums and styles so that you don't become too rooted in one way of working. I need to do more of this though.

I have been following illustrator Lynne Chapman's blog and on her website she generously gives loads of useful tips and advice on becoming an illustrator. One thing in particular that she recommends is keeping a sketchbook. Not just of the style that you illustrate but a book that you can carry around with you for those quiet moments on trains - when you can capture people and places.

Having started out as an actor (and probably being naturally a bit nosey!) I have always people watched. Lynne talks about this on her site and you can see some amazing examples of snippets of a person's journey that she has caught with her pen and sketch book.

Follow her blog here:

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Lauren Henson said...

very cute illustrations!