Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

hairy textile

Sadly my residency at Nexus is ending this Friday but this is only just the beginning of my Her Suit/Hirsute project. Keep checking this page for updates and to see what I produce out of my communal felt. For now though here are some scans of my hairy textile...

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010

Spring is in the air!


This is possibly my favourite children's story and favourite illustrations of all time!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Interesting hairy email from L

" Hi Fi,
Thought you might be interested in this. Basically it's like taxidermy, but made out of crochet! (Or 'crochetdermy') It's amazing... if not a little bit scary (especially the lion and the bear)
Also... I was at Styal Mill yesterday and I was reading some stuff about what happened to mill workers when they ran away. There were two girls in the 1800s who ran away for a week and when they were caught they were going to punish them by cutting their hair off! They didn't, because a magistrate said they couldn't, but I thought that it was quite symbolic.
Anyway, just thought you'd like to know these weird and wonderful things that I've picked up.
Love you,
L. x "

Sunday, 11 April 2010



Thanks to Jenny Neill for providing these pics. I will be uploading more so you can see the progress and the finished piece. The workshop was really successful and we achieved our main aim which was to make a communal piece of felt. It's fully dried now and I will be cutting it into small pieces for each participant when I have documented it, I will then use the remainder to create the soles of a pair of felt shoes I will make.

We discussed issues surrounding hair, and the session was some what ritualistic with everyone parting with some hair, be it from a hair brush or bravely snipping a bit off! As the hair was 'given' I asked everyone to think of a secret (and keep it a secret by not saying it out loud) that they could embed into the hair. This ties into what Hannah told us about Norse mythology and folklore and the idea of women keeping secret in their hair. Or perhaps we grow them out? We have woven our thoughts and our hair into the felt, thus charging it like an effigy.

Thanks very much all who joined me



I have just found some writing I did about my immediate thoughts after the workshop. Thought it might be of interest

" I am so happy with how today went. We created our communal piece of felt and enchanted it by embedding our hair and secrets into the fabric. It was soapy, therapeutic and we probably burned off a few calories by pummeling and rolling the wool which knitted it together. Hair, family, community and discussions into our own relationships with our hair and how it impacts on feminine identity were all covered in my 2 hour workshop. We produced a beautiful felt of many colours!
The fabric we produced has a painterly quality to it and essentially has 2 faces as each side has a different pattern. It's possible to map where certain pieces were placed and recall which end each half of the group started felting at. "

Three Baths Full.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


A big thank you to everyone who joined in my workshop yesterday at Nexus. It was great to see new faces and also have my friends and family involved in an event that was the culmination of all the research I have been doing over my 3 months at Nexus! Everyone made such a valuable contribution to the session and it was great to discuss our feelings about our hair and fairytales.

There will be more evidence of our felty adventure soon when I upload the pics so keep your eyes peeled.

Rhino Mania

Does my bum look big in this?! Here's a sneak preview of the rhino that I was commissioned to paint for Wild in Art's Rhino Mania. It will be part of a procession of rhino's that will be in Chester this summer. The event is organised by Chester Performs and you can find out more on the website You can also join the facebook group for rhino mania to get updates of how the projects progressing. It's for a 2 really good causes for chester zoo and rhino conservation so your support would be briliant. If you're feeling flush you can even bid to buy one in September!
My rhino is called 'The Wallower.' I'm looking forward to finding out who has sponsored her and where she will be placed. Images of the completed rhino to come so keep visiting my blog...

To see the final result and the steps I took to paint my rhino visit

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Party v Business

Mullets are amazing...

'HAIRY TALES' FELT WORKSHOP - today 1pm, Nexus Art Cafe

Get your hairy heads on! It's time for some felty fun! We will be creating a communal piece of felt in an afternoon of discussion and story telling on the theme of HAIR. I'm looking forward to seeing those who are attending in my Nexus hidey hole at 1pm until 3pm.

Poor Julia Roberts...all she did was grow her arm pit hair long!

Zine Workshop - Wed 17th March

The Zine that we made is currently being compiled into a book format... A BIG THANKS to all who attended my little Nexus grotto, even though we got pins and needles in our feet from sitting cross-legged on the floor! It was really beneficial for me to discuss fairy tales and other arty/crafty business and the images created were really diverse and this space for the completed product but for now there are a couple of images to wet your appetites.