Sunday, 14 February 2010

Week 2 - Nexus Art Cafe

I have just finished my second week. What a brilliant opportunity to have my own space, it’s so inspirational being in the cafe environment and although I am hidden away in my warren a lot of the time(I am planning to emerge!!!), I love hearing the hustle and bustle of the cafe. I’ve had a few visitors this week who have popped in to see what I’m up to...please, if you’re curious I more than welcome the chance for people to see the space and discuss my work.

My thoughts have turned more towards an installation of some sort. I feel like I’m in a little forest hideaway with my dark green carpeted walls, and the domestic space is very relevant. I have bought lots of leaves in the sale from Fred Aldous and I’m thinking of ways to intertwine them with objects in the, watch this space.

Also, it’s surprising me how the environment is informing the way I work and causing me to approach it differently. I am creating a large collaged piece, which is not normally the way I work. I feel a departure from the small sculptures I make, although they need to exist in my space because they provide inspiration and are good to use as still life for drawing. I am also surprised by how much the media mentions and draws upon expectations from fairytales. Dotted around my studio you will find adverts and text that I’ve cut out that illustrates this. Also check out the French Connection and Harvey Nicholls windows in central Manchester for a bit of Anthropomorphism!(above)....

Oh yeah...Happy Valentine’s Day!

p.s. below are some drawings from this week x

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