Monday, 6 October 2008

Quiddity - Book Review from 'Taking Things Seriously.'

Two significant points from Joshua Glen's text, firstly quiddity and secondly collecting:

Quiddity = The Essence of a Thing (In the text 'Taking Things Seriously,' by Joshua Glen he describes quiddity as a scholastic term meaning the essence of a thing. " that which differentiates a thing from other things." p16

"As for Heideggerians, existentialists, and phenomenologists, although they may talk excitedly of the 'thingness of things,' they always seem less interested in particular things than in exposing some supposedly concealed truth about being, by making a study of 'the thing.' " p16

"Walter Benjamin once claimed, in his essay 'Unpacking My Library,' that the act of collecting is one of conferring upon an object a value that derives not from the marketplace but from its place within the collection. The downside of collecting, however, is that it doesn't confer unique value on any one object. p12 (Taking Things Seriously by Joshua Glen and Carol Hayes - Princeton Architectural Press 2007).

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