Sunday, 19 October 2008

Quiddity 19/10/08

My Grandad took up ceramic painting during his retirement. He used to go to classes at a local school where he would decorate plates and tiles. He used a back bedroom in my Grandma and Grandad's house as his studio and me and my sisters and cousins would learn how to paint onto the ceramics, then he would take them to his class and get them fired for us.
He used all sorts of imagery as inspiration, we bought him a book about Mabel Lucy Atwell for one Christmas which I think is where he has taken the image of the boy with the icecream above.

My favourite of his creations is the terracotta head that he sculpted at a class. I think this may have been informed by his travels as a nurse during the second world war.

I recently found a piece of writing about his retirement that he had penned for either me or one of my sisters to help us with a homework task.

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